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The Trust River Walk 2008  


The walk was  held on the River Wye at Moccas on Thursday, 28th August 2008, by kind permission of the Chester-Master family. It was a very pleasant occasion, which began with a tour, given by one of the churchwardens, of the early Norman church at Bredwardine, where the famous Victorian diarist, Francis Kilvert, was vicar from 1877-1889. The afternoon continued with two fascinating walks from Cross End Farm. The first walk, in the Home Park, was led by Francis Chester-Master and the other, in the lower part of the Deer Park, was led by Tim Dixon of Natural England. During the course of the afternoon, members were delighted to see a pair of Peregrine Falcons. After the walks, the members enjoyed a picnic together in the courtyard of Cross End Farm. Some pictures of the event appear below.


Bredwardine Church   Kilvert's grave in Bredwardine churchyard 


Francis Chester-Master addresses the group  Francis Chester-Master  Francis Chester-Master 


The scarp Moccas House 


Francis Chester-Master addressing the group 


Tim Dixon addresses the group Tim Dixon addresses the group 


Veteran Oak Tree  Veteran tree showing naturally thinning top  veteran tree showing new growth from base  


Tim Dixon addresses the group  Tim Dixon  Tim Dixon demonstrates a feature of the tree 


Tim Dixon with members of the group  A burr on the tree  Tim Dixon 


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