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About Us  


The river Wye is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt rivers in all of England and Wales. Rising on Plynlimon the river runs for about 154 miles through spectacular border countryside to the sea at Chepstow. Free of locks and weirs through its entire length, the river is remarkably unspoilt, and follows its original natural course. It flows through a wide variety of countryside - from rocky moorland to rich farmland, and, towards its mouth, through a spectacular gorge. The Wye has long been a famous salmon river, but its attractions are also appreciated by canoeists, rafters, birdwatchers, and naturalists.


The River Wye Preservation Trust is anxious to preserve the mainly happy status quo and to ensure that the river continues to be an unspoilt part of our natural heritage in Herefordshire, Monmouthshire, and Powys.

The Trust seeks to achieve this by:

  • At all times examining the uses of the River Wye to ensure a balance between all users, having special regard to the effects of speed, noise, pollution, disturbance, and danger of any use on the environment of the River Wye and to all users generally.

  • Maintaining an effective liaison with other representative bodies to produce such actions as may at all times be necessary in pursuance of the above

  • Supporting or promoting a controlling authority for the Wye, having regard to the above statements.



The River Wye Preservation Trust, 35 Link Road, Hereford, HR1 1BG