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was successfully held on the River Dore at Turnastone Court Farm on Friday 19th June 2009 by kind permission of Robert and Chrissy Fraser and The Countryside Restoration Trust



The afternoon began with a walk from Turnastone Court Farm along the River Dore where we saw the work carried out by the Monnow Project and the follow up to it which resulted in the control of mink and the reintroduction of water voles. Ben Rogers of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust explained the work carried out on these projects



Ben describes the baited 'rafts' which are left floating by the water's edge



close up of a raft



Ben extracts from the raft a shallow tray packed with soft clay


and shows us the paw prints as Robert Fraser, the tenant, looks on.




In the next part of the walk, Robert Fraser outlined the visions and aims of his stewardship of this largely grassland farm with its traditional and sustainable system of livestock grazing. No herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used on the farm which is one of great wild life value, with many meadow flowers and a variety of birds to be seen.


During the last part of the afternoon David Lovelace described the site of a large irrigation project created over 400 years ago of which traces are visible today. He also talked about aspects of the survey which he undertook for the Countryside Restoration Trust when they purchased the farm in 2003.


More pictures will make their way here soon.


IMG_4839.jpg   IMG_4852.jpg   



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