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was successfully held at Caradoc, Nr Ross-on-Wye on Thursday 15th July 2010 by kind permission of Major Patrick Darling.

Despite the variable weather, it was a very enjoyable walk with good talks by a variety of excellent speakers, including:


Eric Drummond, a leading Herefordshire farmer and horticulturist
Paul Senior, Navigation Manager for the Wye and Lugg
Sarah Olney, Natural England Conservation Adviser Rivers Wye and Lugg
David Lovelace, Trust Member, Woodland Manager and Historian
Will Watson, Herefordshire Ponds and Newts Project Consultant

Here are some pictures from the event:


 looking down towards Eric Drummond's fruit farm



David Lovelace shows us the trees 



 Sarah Olney tells us about the river bank and  Paul Senior addresses us while Patrick surveys the river and the swans serenely swim past the constructions on the bank



Will Watson and David Lovelace look for wild flowers



Surveying the swans on the far bank, among the trees



and intrusions of various kinds on either side,  



while cattle graze peacefully in front of Sellack Church.



Will Watson prepared samples of the river life.

He found a demoiselle nymph,


plentiful stone loaches, a river bug (Aphelocheirus aestivalis),

as well as some freshwater shrimp, several whirligig beetles, a great pond snail, a wandering snail, and common Bithynia (another snail). Mayfly, caddis and leech were also present in the samples but not identified  

It did rain a little, but we had a good time. Some returned to Caradoc by tractor and trailer and others went by foot, and Patrick kindly invited us into his warm dry dining room where we shared our picnics and good cheer together to round off a very successful evening.

The River Wye Preservation Trust, 35 Link Road, Hereford, HR1 1BG